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Vehicle Electronics

  1. Universal Systems Manager II (USM II)

    122116 | Universal Systems Manager II (USM II)

    USM II (p/n 122116) is a solid state module that controls and monitors the ES-Key network database. The module is referred to as the USM II (Universal System Manager II). In the ES-Key network, the USM II is responsible for arbitrating the network variables to each module, monitoring faults and diagnostics and controlling electrical load management functions. The USM II has 6 inputs and 5 outputs. The polarity of the inputs is selectable by the end user. The module reports the state of the inputs to the network and will activate the outputs on command from the network.
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  2. Electrical System Manager

    39 | Electrical System Manager

    The Electrical System Manager is a precision device which monitors the electrical system and controls electrical loads.
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  3. Total System Manager (TSM)

    40 | Total System Manager (TSM)

    The Total System Manager (TSM) is the most versatile electronic system manager available. This fully programmable device is designed to exceed NFPA requirements.
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