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Vehicle Electronics

Get the most out of your emergency apparatus with firefighting vehicle electronics

Your emergency vehicles are integral to the efficiency and safety of your firefighting team. Hale provides vehicle electronics that are designed to help you simplify emergency scene operations and give you more insight for preventive maintenance. Contact us for more information about our vehicle electronics offering.

  1. 4 Light Driver Module

    106877 | 4 Light Driver Module

    The 4 light driver module provides 7.5 amps per output (x4) and mimics the function of the Master Tank Level Display. It is used to power the large tank indicator lights on the side of the apparatus. It is compatible with all Class1 ITL and ITL-40 tank gauges.
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  2. Intelli-Tank 40 (Water Level)

    123340-0* | ITL-40

    The ITL-40 Tank Level Gauge features a true 180 degree viewing angle with super bright LED's and built-in diagnostic "text" messages for easy troubleshooting. Available in red, yellow, green, blue and multicolored models. the ITL-40 has a programmable low current output for auto fill systems.
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  3. ITL-4

    119395 / 119396 | ITL-4

    The Intelli-Tank™ displays feature wide angle viewing and ultra-bright LED’s for high visibility even in direct sunlight. It is very easy to calibrate.
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  4. ITL Remote Dash Indicator

    108677 | ITL Remote Dash Indicator

    The Remote Dash Indicator receives a signal directly from Master Tank Level Display. It fits in an industry standard rocker switch cut out saving valuable cab space.
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