The Qmax-XS pump’s high water delivery rate to knock down large fires, proven reliability, and small, innovative design gives your department all that it is looking for in a pump. 

Superior Performance & Reliability

qmax xs
  • True 2,000 GPM rated pump body and impeller commonly purchased at 1,500 GPM
  • Exceeds 3,000 GPM from a sufficient positive pressure water source 

Strong Pump Body

  • A one-piece upper pump body minimizes potential piping leaks and makes maintenance and service easy
  • Pump body acts as a chassis cross member
  • No pump body connections to loosen due to vibration or break due to body twisting.

Innovative Space-Saving Design

Save critical space on the truck without sacrificing high delivery rate water flow performance.

  • One piece, compact body profile design minimizes piping requirements and leaves more room for storage compartment space on your apparatus.
  • Large diameter discharge ports surround the pump casting. 
  • Allows discharge configuration flexibility while minimizing friction loss and maximizing output GPM at the lowest engine speed.


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