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  1. Qtwo

    15 | Qtwo

    Hale's Qtwo two-stage pump provides unrivaled power and reliability. The Qtwo is based on the Qmax pump, the bestselling single-stage pump in North America. Its strong flow rate knocks down large fires while it high pressure delivery is great for high-rise applications. The Qtwo equipped with an adequate engine can flow over 350 gpm at 600 psi from a 50 psi residual hydrant for excellent high-rise performance.
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  2. 2CBP

    63 | 2CBP

    Hale’s 2CBP two-stage centrifugal high pressure booster pump is high on performance but low on both power and maintenance requirements. It is driven by the truck transmission power takeoff (PTO). This lightweight pump serves well in an initial attack vehicle. Versatile and cost effective, the 2CBP can provide up to 1,000 PSI (69 BAR) of pressure and volumes up to 100 GPM (380 L/min).
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  3. TBP

    78 | TBP

    Hale’s TBP Twin Booster pump is a unique two-stage series/parallel pump that meets the demands for higher pump performance for structural fires while still retaining the ability to create the high pressures necessary to operate progressive hose lays and the capability of providing low speed pump and roll. The TBP is the first 750 GPM NFPA rated two stage series/parallel PTO driven fire pump in the market. Capable of 150 GPM (568 L/min) at 500 PSI (34.5 Bar) in pressure mode.
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  4. DFG

    99 | DFG

    Hale Products’ high volume DFG Twin Impeller Pump is designed and manufactured to deliver high flows of water for applications in the industrial fire service and marine markets.
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