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    61 | Pump Modules / Pump Kits

    Hale’s family of modules offer pre-engineered solutions that afford both the end user and the OEM the benefits of a family of products that were designed to work together. Using state of the art CAD systems, module designs are clean, compact and cost effective. Modules are designed to help reduce manufacturing and engineering time while eliminating the unknown cost associated with internal pump house builds.
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  2. 592-00053 | Ford F550 24" Pump Module

    This module boasts a 24” wide pump panel while offering up to 1500gpm NFPA performance. The design allows optional rear discharges, SmartFOAM systems, a deck gun discharge and a front bumper jumpline/turret or hose reel. To further simplify the ordering process, Hale does not require driveline information for each module on the Ford chassis. The work has already been done to ensure the module performs on the 2019 F550 4x4 and 4x2 chassis with extended and crew cab models and an 84" CA dimension (not available on 2-door regular cab model due to exhaust interference or 60" Cab-to-Axle due to drivelines). This well engineered pump module also minimizes gearbox protrusion beyond the rear of the module and all plumbing is housed inside the module to minimize effects on the body and tank. The module includes a completely removable top to allow full access for service.
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  3. SAM | SAM™ Control System

    SAM is an integrated total water flow control system that manages your truck’s, pump, tank, intakes and discharges. A touch-screen display, provides a simplified interface that totally transforms traditional pump operations. The SAM control system provides complete control of the flow to and from the pump from two interfaces, the SAM control center and the pump controller.

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