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    AnodePro | AnodePro

    The AnodeProTM is a device that monitors Intelligent AnodesĀ® placed in the pump and signals when the anodes should be replaced. Anodes wear as the sacrificial metal alloy is affected by galvanic corrosion. When anodes wear completely, galvanic corrosion attacks your pump, reducing the life of your apparatus. The AnodePro System with Intelligent Anodes can be fitted to any brand of new or used fire pumps with an available 1.25 NPT or flanged opening. The AnodePro display monitors up to three Anodes on the pump. An indicator light shows when the anode needs to be replaced. This eliminates guess work and unnecessary labor time spent pulling anodes for inspection or drilling holes in anode fittings to check for wear. Worn anodes place your fire pump at risk for corrosion damage. Replacing anodes prematurely is a waste of resources. The AnodePro lets you know when your Anode needs to be replaced, saving time and resources.
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