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Foam & CAFs

Fighting fire with foam

Hale has a variety of foam equipment options and CAFs foam systems that use flow-based foam concentrate proportioning systems with digital controls, making them simple to use for anyone on your firefighting crew. Concentration of the foam is automatically adjusted according to your desired presets. You can count on foam systems from Hale for Class A and Class B fires.

Search our foam fire suppression system options below, or contact a Hale product expert for more information about our fire foam pump products.

  1. 137 | SmartFOAM

    SmartFOAM is a direct injection foam proportioning system that has been engineered to work smarter for you.

    SmartFOAM’s six configurable presets eliminate the need to remember the proper foam injection rate for a specific fire ground scenario. Simply press the preset button with the text indicating your desired scenario. Each preset is fully configurable at the department level so it can be customized for your standard operating procedures.

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