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Engine Driven Units

High-volume water pumps powered by engines

Engine-driven fire pumps operate use gasoline or diesel to control a high-powered engine to help you move a lot of water. These portable pumps are great for a variety of applications, including wildland firefighting, low-pressure firefighting, water transfer or de-watering. Hale engine-driven fire pumps are available for large and small jobs, from trailer mounted pumps to lightweight portable pump options that can be deployed in water or transported on your back.

To learn more about Hale engine-driven fire pumps, browse our selection below, or contact a local service provider.

  1. Skid Mount Pumps

    102 | Skid Mount Pumps

    Hale's Skid Mount Pumps provide a complete, self-sustaining, fire suppression package. Combining a unique mounting platform, for fixed or mobile positioning of the unit, with a fully integrated diesel engine and plumbing system for 300 up to 5,000 GPM of water delivery capability.
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