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More than 100 years of innovation

 Founded in 1914, Hale Products remains a leader in firefighter safety and reliability.


1984 & 1989

Key Acquisitions

Hale Products has always prided itself on providing an extensive product line of fire pumps and lifesaving equipment for firefighters. During the 1980s, Hale made two key acquisitions: Hurst and Godiva. Hurst, the developer of the famed Jaws of Life®, gave Hale Products its first entry into the rescue market. In 1984, Hale acquired Godiva, located in Warwick, England. One of the leading fire pump manufacturers outside the U.S., Godiva’s focus on portable, high-pressure and rear-mounted pumps made an immediate impact on Hale’s mission to support firefighters.


Start of Hale Products

In 1914, most fire departments relied on steam-powered water pumps to combat fires. Three Pennsylvania firefighters – Alan C. Hale, E.J. Wendell and C.H. Young, Jr. – believed they could make a better fire pump, and they formed Hale Fire Pump, known today as Hale Products. They built the first Hale fire pump using improved gasoline engine technology, and christened the new pump the Young Giant. During the next century, Hale Products would continue to be a leader in reliability, performance and innovation.


Hale Products Acquired

In May 1994, Hale Products was acquired by IDEX Corporation, located in Northbrook, IL. A diverse corporation with large national and international markets in fluid-handling, dispensing and industrial machinery, IDEX was a natural partner for Hale. Formed in 1988, IDEX has grown to a publicly traded company with sales in excess of $2.1 billion each year. Throughout its ownership, IDEX has supported Hale Products’ tactical vision for growth through the acquisition of key fire and rescue manufacturers.

1995 - Present

Committed to Growth

Since its acquisition, Hale Products has expanded into a full-spectrum solution for fire and rescue crews around the world. Through strategic global acquisitions Hale became the leader in hydraulic rescue tools, electronics, rescue products and environmental protection products, stabilization struts, jacks and more.

  • 1995: Lukas Hydraulic GmbH – The leading European manufacturer of hydraulic rescue tools and re-railing equipment.
  • 2001: Class 1 – The leading supplier of custom electronic instrumentation, controls and plumbing components for heavy duty ground emergency, agricultural and construction vehicles. Earned ISO 9001 registration.
  • 2004: Manfred Vetter GmbH and Company – Vetter manufactures some of the finest rescue products available, including lifting bags, sealing bags, decontamination tents and other rescue and environmental protective products.
  • 2005: Tianjin Dinglee – The leading manufacturer of rescue tools in China. Acquisition solidifies Hale as the rescue tool leader and opens access to the Asian market.
  • 2006: Airshore International – Hale Products most recent acquisition, Airshore is one of the top manufacturers of stabilization struts, jacks and more.

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