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A Unit of IDEX Corporation

Phone: 800-533-3569
Fax: 800-520-3473

Hale and Class1 have consolidated the two production facilities. We are now entirely located in Ocala, Florida.
Hale Products, Inc.
607 NW 27th Ave.
Ocala, FL 34475
Phone: 800-533-3569
We have made many exciting changes this past year, and can’t wait to share them all with you when our new website is launched in early Spring 2014.   The new site will be easy to navigate, and loaded with information on our new and existing product lines, as well as sharing information on our plant consolidation and our upcoming 100 year anniversary

Register your pump

Register your pump and receive updates on Hale products.

Hale Pump Poster 


Hale's Qmax pump poster is Ideal for training or for ISO requirements.  You can request one from Hale by calling 800-533-3569, faxing your request to 800-520-3473 or by emailing us at Literature.hale@idexcorp.com.


Hale introduces the ALL NEW Hale Qmax-XS 

 With Qmax-XS, truck committees can now save critical space on the truck without sacrificing high delivery rate water flow performance. The XS can be installed in a compartment as small as 28 inches wide with electric operated valves, or 34 inches wide with manual valves. At 1,000- to 2,250-GPM pump ratings, the XS has been configured to minimize pump compartment space and maximize rear-body storage compartment space. That’s pump performance to the next level.  See more in the product presentation , read more in the technical bulletin on the Qmax-XS or Watch the video now! 




New Sentry Pressure Governor System


The Sentry Pressure Governor System is Class1’s latest in state of the art fire pump pressure control. Operating on the J1939 network, the Sentry is able to monitor engine RPM and other pertinent data directly from the engine ECU. This allows it to react very quickly and accurately to any change in fire pump pressure.

The Sentry Pressure Governor System consists of a Sentry display, Twister throttle, pressure transducers and associated wiring. It utilizes Class1’s UltraView technology which is a custom tooled and programmed, 4.3 inch, full color LCD display with 8 buttons. The Sentry is packed with features that make it the most comprehensive and user friendly pressure governor to date. It has state of the art on board diagnostic features and is compatible with most engines.

For More Information CLICK HERE 




 Everyone Goes Home Poster


Hale is offering a special Safety Poster featuring the 16 Lifesaving Initiatives.

Be sure to contact us at 800-533-3569, via fax at 800-520-3473, or via email at Literature.hale@idex.com to get your free copy





E-mail Hale Parts Orders

Servicing the highest performing pump in the industry just got easier with the new email order entry feature from Hale. 

Simply scan your parts order and send it to HCO-HaleOrders@idexcorp.com for immediate processing. If you prefer, you can fax your order to 800.520.3473. 

Hale prides itself in shipping your service parts as fast as possible to keep the apparatus on the road and ready to perform.  With service parts shipments going out until 4:30 PM each week day why settle for second best.  Buy a Hale.  You know the performance and service will always be there.



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