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Maximize your firefighting power

Hale was founded by firefighters in 1914 and we maintain their spirit of innovation and quality in our extensive product line of pumps, CAFS systems and Foam Proportioning Systems. Hale is proud to offer a wide variety of firefighting pumps and foam systems. Since 1914, Hale has been innovating, manufacturing better fire pumps and easier to use foam and CAF systems to respond to the needs of our customers. Our comprehensive product line ranges from the popular Qmax midship pump to efficient FoamLogix and CAFSpro systems. Hale's "firsts" include bronze pump bodies, the use of centrifugal pumps in firefighting, and patented innovations such as the Master Intake Valve, Total Pressure Master, and Auto-Lube systems. Hale's network of Factory Authorized service centers ensure that our customers receive the best service.

Hale has a wide variety of products for every firefighting need


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